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State Certified Marine Contractor

State Certified Marine Contractor


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Hiring a marine contractor

Be warned! All local Building Departments are allowing uninsured or underinsured contractors… LEARN MORE

How much does a seawall cost?

There are many variables that go into estimating the cost of a seawall. Dimensions, materials, soil conditions are a few. LEARN MORE.

How much does a dock cost?

There are many variables that go into estimating the cost of a dock. Size, materials used, soil conditions are a few. LEARN MORE

What does it mean to be licensed & insured?

What sort of protection does a “licensed and insured” contractor offer a homeowner? LEARN MORE

About Jason Nix

Jason Nix LLC is a second generation, family business built on referred and returning clients. Thomas Nix, my dad, retired in 2008 and passed the baton to me. We have combined the experience of 42 years. In that time our customers have never experienced a major dock or seawall failure, despite all that the Florida weather has thrown this way. My long term plan is to retire in 10 to 15 years, at which point I will pass the business on to my children, who you will undoubtedly see on your project at some point. I love being in and on the water, and want to enable others to enjoy it as much as I do.

I offer a very long warranty due to my experience and expertise, specialized tools, and high-quality control over materials and craftsmanship. I pride myself on building the strongest structures for your waterfront enjoyment and teach my children that our business is built on the teachings of Colossians 3:17. I build every project as if I am working for my Creator, and you, the customer, are quite simply funding the projects and then getting to enjoy them.

Feel free to utilize the links on this website to inform yourself on how to hire the right marine contractor for your project.

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The Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation

A State Certified Contractor is qualified, tested, and held to a higher level of accountability than County Certified Contractors. If you would like further material on this topic check out my “‘Licensed and Insured’ Defined” article.

Verify a Contractors Workers Compensation Coverage

Here, you can determine whether or not your potential contractor is providing coverage for his cp employees. If the Governing class code is not “06006,” then the employees are not covered for your project and you will be liable, just as if the contractor is uninsured altogether. When signing a contract, have the contractor add you as an “additional insured,” and the insurance company will email you a current certificate of insurance. If this request is a problem for your contractor, then DO NOT hire this particular contractor/ company as YOU WILL BE LIABLE FOR ANY OF HIS EMPLOYEES’ INJURIES OR DEATHS.