What does it cost to build a dock?

When considering a dock project, google some version of the question:
“How much does a piling dock cost?”

Average dock costs range from $55 to $60 per square foot, and removal
and disposal of old docks generally ranges from $15 to $25 per square foot.

Cost to Build a Dock | Jason Nix LLC | Marine Contractor | Lakeland, FL

What is involved in the cost of a dock?

There are many variables that go into estimating the cost of a dock. For example:

DEP exempts docks under 1,000 square feet. Docks over 1000 square feet are to be permitted through DEP and AM CORP OF ENG. The final square footage by the width of your property multiplied by 10. For example, if you have 175 of linear feet of lake frontage you’re allowed 1750 square feet. If you want a dock larger than the multiplier of 10 it becomes costly and time consuming, but it is possible.
Materials Used

Any lumber we use will be southern yellow pine and pressure treated to the maximum allowable by the state. We use no “box store” lumber. (“Box store” lumber has a limited 3-10 year lifespan in an aquatic environment, while we have some docks that are 30 years old and are still structural.) Composites vary in price depending on make and model, but you can plan on a minimum 30% increase in cost over lumber. Composite Poles are available and typically run about 4x that of traditional lumber, but it is a lifetime product.

Soil Conditions

Different soil densities either increase or decrease the ease of installation.


Underwater or underground obstacles (typically fallen trees).


Accessibility of the site for equipment and materials. (Barges will add 30%-40%).


Every project will need drawings that are sealed by an engineer. Permit costs can vary based on location, and may require more than one permit. Examples of permits you may need include: DEP, USACE, as well as local and county permits. Depending on your location, obtaining the necessary permits can take 1 week to 2 years or more. In Polk County, permits typically take around 30 days for issue.

Our Base Pricing

Cost to Build a Dock | Jason Nix LLC | Marine Contractor | Lakeland, FL

Freshwater Traditional Lumber Docks

$50 per square foot (prices subject to change) and come with a 10 year warranty on structure and substructure up to a Category 4.

Cost to Build a Dock | Jason Nix LLC | Marine Contractor | Lakeland, FL

Freshwater Composite Decking Docks

$55 per square foot and come with up to a lifetime warranty.

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